Am.Can.Ch.Tudorose Ye Old Pretender, CGC

October 15, 2004

go to Jac Harbour of Tudorose Poodles in Oregon!!!

"SUR" now Can.Ch.Tudorose Ye Old Pretender
finished his Canadian Championship from the Senior Puppy Class with a
Group 1st and Best Puppy in Group for 5 points!!!!

Thank you Judge Luis Eduardo Arozmeno

With 1 week short of being 10 months old, Sur continued the next day with another
Group 1st and Best Puppy in Group.

Thank you Judge Anita Cairns.

In fact, he did the same the following day with another

Group 1st and Best Puppy in Group!

Thank you Judge Michael Bouchard

Tradex Show
October 2004
Canada`s Largest Dog Show

Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers

Sur`s very prestigious win going
Best of Breed with Best Puppy in Breed
at 10 months old over

3 Best In Show
Standard Poodles at Canada`s Largest Dog Show!!!

Thank you Judge Mr. Jorge Nallem from Uruguay.
In the short two months I had Sur with me, Sur took 3 Group Firsts, 4 Best Puppy in Groups,a Group 2nd at the Winners One Tournament (for all Group One Winners) over a BIS Standard Poodle, plus prestigious win over 3 Best in Show Standard Poodles for Best of Breed at Tradex.

Thank you Jac for sending me your loving big baby boy to show in Canada!!

January 16th, 2005

In Puyallup, for our first time out in the States,
took his first points towards his American Championship.
Under Judge Eugene Blake, Sur has his first Major for 3 points!!!!

Congratulations Jac Harbour of Tudorose Poodles!!!

March 13, 2005
Seattle, Washington, USA

Sur ~ Can.Ch.Tudorose Ye Old Pretender
took his 2nd Major under Mildred Bryant. The day before we had a broken Major so Sur only took 2 points. He now is on 8 points with two 3 point Majors towards his American Championship.

I was very pleased to put 2 Majors and some singles points on Sur for Jac Harbour. Jac continued to show Sur herself (as I had a previous booking in Canada for showing another Standard Poodle.) Jac and Sur recieved two more 3Point Majors plus the last *single* point needed for his American Championship!!!

Congratulations Jac and Sur!!!
What a fabulous Poodle Sur has been.

Santos and Sur played great together (yes in showcoat) and often shared the same grooming table!!!
Thank you Jac for sending me such a grand Poodle to show!