Can.Ch.Bodicea Can`t Touch This

Tyee Show - Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.
May 2003
The Standard Poodle I showed in March of this Year Can.Ch.Averina Bodicea Crystalton that gave me my first experience of two All Breed BIS`s and BISS of one weekend, is the Sire of Jack age 12 months and 1 week, whom I showed at Tyee in Mill Bay of B.C.
For our second day together in the ring he went onto a
Group 1st for 5 points!!
Then he went onto Pee Wees with his 4 year old Master Erik. The smile on Erik`s face outshone a Christmas Tree!! It was very touching to see a little boy so happy with his dog!!
Our second weekend out together, needing 4 pts for his Title,
Jack is now
Can.Ch.Bodicea Can`t Touch This.