Averina`s Wild Ruby Rose

Victoria City Kennel Club August 11, 2007

Rosa took Winners Female her second day into the Show
for her required two points towards her Canadian Championship.
Thank you and Congratulations to Jenn.

Intrigue`s Greater Than Zeus

Vernon & District Kennel Club
Zeus going Winners Dog and Best Puppy in Breed.

Can.Ch.Cadbury`s The Garbo Mystique

June 8, 9, & 10th, 2007
Comox Valley

"Greta" being Cadbury`s The Garbo Mystique and I for our first time out together, took
Winners Female & Best Opposite Sex under Judge Leslie Rogers.

The next day she took Winners Female, Best of Breed and a Group 4th

Thank you Judge Kathy Stewart
to follow the next very windy day with Winners Female,

Best of Breed and another Group 4th!!!

Thank you Judge Wayne Thompson

This put Greta onto 7 points our first weekend out towards the required 10 points needed for her Canadian Championship.
Congratulations to her proud family!

June 15, 16 & 17th, 2007
Nanaimo Kennel Club

Greta took Winners Female one day of three with a

Best Opposite Sex giving her 2 points for a total of 9.

Thank you Judge Thora Brown.

Greta`s photo did not turn out under a different Photographer than pictured above.

July 6, 2007
Vernon & District Kennel Club

Greta took Winners Female with Best of Winners giving her 3 points.
She is now Can.Ch.Cadbury`s The Garbo Mystique finishing in 7days with two Group 4ths..
Not bad for a BROWNIE at all!!!
To complete her grand day Greta and I ran in Lure Coursing straight
out of the Conformation Ring to Lure Coursing in our Show clothes!!

Greta is very special to me.

She would look into my eyes with her`s that would cause me to melt and smile!

Please visit Greta`s Home at these following

Links: www.cadburypoodles.com

for Greta`s page visit this

Link: http://www.cadburypoodles.com/index.php?page=Greta

UKC.Int'l.Ch.Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-L Blues CGC,RN,HCT

May 11, 12 & 13th, 2007
Tyee Kennel Club Mill Bay Vancouver Island

Friday Nickel took Best Puppy in Breed under Paula Hartringer.
Saturday we went Reserve Winners Female under Roger Hartringer.

Sunday Nickel and I took Winners Female,
Best of Winners and Best of Breed over a Special.

We continued onto the Non-Sporting Group where
Nickel -UKC.Int'l.JA.Ch.Alchmys Magic Tin Nick-L Blues CGC,RN,HCT
took a GROUP 1st
for 5 points with an automatic win of
Best Puppy in Group!!
Thank you Judge Doreen Marsh!!!

Congratulations Vikki on your first Litter!!

Vikki holding Santos and Deborah holding Vikki`s girls.

Can.Ch.Bodicea Ruby D

October 14, 2006
Alberni Valley Kennel Club
Handed to me at Ringside, Bodicea Ruby D took Winners Female
for her required 2 point win.

Can.Ch.Crystaltons Malcolm Mackenzie

March 31st & April 2nd, 2006
Kiwanis Club
Our first time in the Show ring together Jamie - Crystaltons Malcolm Mackenzie took
Reserve Winners Dog in Senior Puppy and his first Best Puppy in Group!!
The next time in the Show ring Jamie took his second
Best Puppy in Group!!
Congratulations Bonnie and Bob.
Jamie now has 3 Best Puppy in Groups!

Int`l.Ch.Tudorose Henrietta Ann JH

July 2 & 3rd, 2005
Vernon & District Kennel Club
"Dixie" Tudorose Henrietta Ann,
shown the two days, took Winners Female for 4 points towards her
Canadian Championship.
Dixie took Best Opposite Sex over a Group Placing Special.
Congratulations to Dixie, Gail Wilson and Jac Harbour.
May 23, 2009
New news for the Dixie Chick!!!!!!
Gail Wilson titles Dixie to her first most wonderful accomplishment of a Junior Hunting Title!!!!!!!

Can.Ch.Teannas Triple Threat

April 3rd, 2005
Kiwanis CLub Dog Show

Congratulations to Catherine with"Trinity" - Teannas Triple Threat
whom has shown Trinity herself doing a wonderful job.

I also thank you for allowing me to take her into the
Non-Sporting Group Ring where we took a
Group Third for her last 2 points to finish Trinity`s Canadian Championship!!!

Congratulations Catherine and Trinity!!!

I wish you the best in your start of Poodles!!

Can.Ch.Euphoricfx`s Kimelle Aurora

March 25-27th, 2005
Oceanside Kennel Club

"Rorie" - Euphoricfx`s Kimelle Aurora.
Her first time out for a Puppy taking Reserve Winners Female twice out of four Shows.

April 1 st, 2005
Kiwanis Club Dog Show

Our second weekend out together, Rorie - Euphoricfx`s Kimelle Aurora
takes Winners Female,

Congratulations to Kimelle Standard Poodles on Rories first 2 points!!!
Rorie is truly a sweetie.
Thank you Kim for sending me your Doll!!

Can.Ch.Seransil Echoing The Moon

December 17th, 2004

Congratulations to Lorraine on her new Canadian Champion.

She is now silver Can.Ch.Seransil Echoing The Moon.

Echo and I went into the ring for our first time together to achieve her Canadian Championship going Winners Female and then Best of Winners for 4 points.

Congratulations again and thank you for letting me have fun with Echo that day!

Can.Int`l.Ch.Tudorose Kat Of Braganza,CGC

April 2, 2004
Congratulations to Sylvia, Katrina`s Best Friend and
Jac Harbour, her Breeder of Tudorose Poodles.

Thank you Judge David Markus

Katrina is now Can.Int`l.Ch.Tudorose Kat Of Braganza, CGC, Service Dog Extrordinaire!!!

She is a Poodle whose love for the Shows started with a delighted bark as we rolled onto the Show grounds. Her enthusiasm was pleasing. She would await me with eager anticipation outside the Ring while I`d be showing a Dog. As I`d approach her, she`d be on two hind legs with the fronts pawing the air. LOL She also knew the Dogshow was for the whole weekend and would be able to play more with me. No fooling that girl. Just goes to show how SMART those Poodles really are!!!
Katrina going Winners Female & Best Opposite Sex.

One Poodle & Owner who will always be near and dear to me.

Thank you for entrusting your very special girl with me. Good luck towards her Obedience and Hunting!!

Am.Can.Ch.Tudorose Ye Old Pretender, CGC

October 15, 2004

go to Jac Harbour of Tudorose Poodles in Oregon!!!

"SUR" now Can.Ch.Tudorose Ye Old Pretender
finished his Canadian Championship from the Senior Puppy Class with a
Group 1st and Best Puppy in Group for 5 points!!!!

Thank you Judge Luis Eduardo Arozmeno

With 1 week short of being 10 months old, Sur continued the next day with another
Group 1st and Best Puppy in Group.

Thank you Judge Anita Cairns.

In fact, he did the same the following day with another

Group 1st and Best Puppy in Group!

Thank you Judge Michael Bouchard

Tradex Show
October 2004
Canada`s Largest Dog Show

Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers

Sur`s very prestigious win going
Best of Breed with Best Puppy in Breed
at 10 months old over

3 Best In Show
Standard Poodles at Canada`s Largest Dog Show!!!

Thank you Judge Mr. Jorge Nallem from Uruguay.
In the short two months I had Sur with me, Sur took 3 Group Firsts, 4 Best Puppy in Groups,a Group 2nd at the Winners One Tournament (for all Group One Winners) over a BIS Standard Poodle, plus prestigious win over 3 Best in Show Standard Poodles for Best of Breed at Tradex.

Thank you Jac for sending me your loving big baby boy to show in Canada!!

January 16th, 2005

In Puyallup, for our first time out in the States,
took his first points towards his American Championship.
Under Judge Eugene Blake, Sur has his first Major for 3 points!!!!

Congratulations Jac Harbour of Tudorose Poodles!!!

March 13, 2005
Seattle, Washington, USA

Sur ~ Can.Ch.Tudorose Ye Old Pretender
took his 2nd Major under Mildred Bryant. The day before we had a broken Major so Sur only took 2 points. He now is on 8 points with two 3 point Majors towards his American Championship.

I was very pleased to put 2 Majors and some singles points on Sur for Jac Harbour. Jac continued to show Sur herself (as I had a previous booking in Canada for showing another Standard Poodle.) Jac and Sur recieved two more 3Point Majors plus the last *single* point needed for his American Championship!!!

Congratulations Jac and Sur!!!
What a fabulous Poodle Sur has been.

Santos and Sur played great together (yes in showcoat) and often shared the same grooming table!!!
Thank you Jac for sending me such a grand Poodle to show!

Int`l.Ch.Tudorose Cosmic Riot, CGC

March 19, 2004
Congratulations to Jac Harbour of Tudorose Standard Poodles.
Jac caused a little Riot in my life!! She is Int`l.Ch.Tudorose Cosmic Riot,CGC better known as RIOT!! What can I say but Jac has some wonderful dogs. Riot and I went to Puget Sound Poodle Club where we met Jac, John & Why. Jac and Why took Best Bred By Exhibitor in the HCC and Riot and I took Reserve Winners Bitch!!! I was thrilled as she was in the Hunting Trim as well or the (HCCRiot) over some very nice bitches!! After being pointed to and I told Riot a job well done, she presumed to entertain her audience receiving applause!! LOL
Thank you to Judge Mrs.Helen G. Tomb-Taylor. I took Riot back home to Canada to show where she recieved another Reserve Winners Bitch in her HCC to some very nice bitches once again. Thank you Jac for sending me your Riot to show!!!!!!

Can.Ch.Kimelle Bisque Cockayne

March 12, 2004

Congratulations to Kim Savor of Kimelle Standard Poodles.

Bisque and I entered the Showring at Mt. Cheam Show on Friday taking Winners Female for 3 points (no Males entered so no Best of Winners available) and onto Best Puppy in Group!!

On Sunday Bisque and I went onto Winners Female, Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed for another 3 points giving Bisque 6 points. Kim and Bisque finished together at Burns Lake.

Congratulations Kim and Can.Ch.Kimelle Bisque Cockayne!!
She is a cutie pie!!

Am.Can.Ch.Cabernet`s Cut To The Chase

September 26, 2003

Congratulations to the Owner and Breeders of Am.Ch.Cabernet`s Cut To The Chase. For our first time in the Showring together, we received a Group 1st under Judge Leslie Belfit. We are shy of 1 point for Chase`s Canadian Championship in 1 weekend of showing.
Thank you for this wonderful opportunity with such a loving and exquisite boy!!

October 25, 2003

Congratulations to the Owner and Breeders of Am.Can.Ch.Cabernet`s Cut To The Chase on his New Canadian Championship. Chase has a very special place in my heart. Both weekends out with Chase, we have had our photos in the Province three times, front page of the Maple Ridge Times and we were also on TV News!

Chase is the Sire of my two Litters with Shiraz.
See Champions and Previous Litters on my website.

Can.Ch.Bodicea Can`t Touch This

Tyee Show - Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.
May 2003
The Standard Poodle I showed in March of this Year Can.Ch.Averina Bodicea Crystalton that gave me my first experience of two All Breed BIS`s and BISS of one weekend, is the Sire of Jack age 12 months and 1 week, whom I showed at Tyee in Mill Bay of B.C.
For our second day together in the ring he went onto a
Group 1st for 5 points!!
Then he went onto Pee Wees with his 4 year old Master Erik. The smile on Erik`s face outshone a Christmas Tree!! It was very touching to see a little boy so happy with his dog!!
Our second weekend out together, needing 4 pts for his Title,
Jack is now
Can.Ch.Bodicea Can`t Touch This.

BIS/BISS Am.Can.Ch.Averina Bodicea Crystalton

March of 2003
Our Very First

Thank you Judge Catherine DeBruyne, Ottawa

followed by


both on the same day!!!

Thank you Judge Annika Ultveit-Moe, Sweden

Not to change our luck for the next day with another


Thank you Janis and Pamela for putting your faith in me with
VALENTINO, especially our first time together.
Can.Ch.Averina Bodicea Crystalton.

Canada`s Top Dogs

With this weekends wins, plus one more Group 4th,
Valentino and I had accomplished him being Canada`s
# 2 Standard Poodle and
#3 Non-Sporting Top Dog!!

What a great thrill!!

Can.Ch.Carrington Highprofile Dazzler

Tyee Kennel Club - Mill Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.

May 2000

My second Standard Poodle to play with in the Showring was
Carrington Highprofile Dazzler.
Sydnee lived with me for a year which during that time we went to handling classes so I could continue learning.
Our first win was under Michelle Billings for a Group 2nd with Best puppy in Group for 5 points, taking the Breed over an Am.Can.Champion. Was I surprised and happy!!
The next month we were off to PCA (Poodle Club of America) National Speciality for my first time and not to be my last. Terri Meyers showed Sydnee taking 1st in her class.
(hence the big hair for Terri to groom and plus I was inexperienced at grooming)

Am.Can.Ch.Carrington`s Hotshot

October 1999/January 2000
Tradex Show- Ladies Kennel Club
The second Standard Poodle I put a Canadian Championship Title on was Hotshot.
Now known as London - Am.Can.Ch.Carrington`s Hotshot

Can.Ch.Carrington Turns Up The Heat

Sweet Little Flair Bear
(Photo by Deborah taken in my back yard)

January 2001

Flair taking Winners Female, Best of Winners,
Best Opposite Sex
Best Puppy in Breed
under Marilynn Mincey.

April 2001

Flair taking Winners Female,
Best of Winners,
Best Opposite Sex and Best Puppy in Breed.
This was at the beginning (for grooming and showing) after I had finished
showing Zarrah for her Canadian Championship.


I have always enjoyed showing my own Standard Poodles since the start
with Zarrah jumping in as a green novice in the winter of 1998.

I was approached by a Breeder whom thought I could get a
Best In Show
on her Standard Poodle which I did, in fact
2 BIS and a BISS with a Group 4th
on the first day of three days.........well I recieved a few more to show.

I had also promised to help someone and upon doing so, I had impressed her Breeder so much she sent me a few of her Standard Poodles to show.............